Friday, February 27, 2009

Dilemma answer & my love

Dapat jugak memblog.(miss u damn much my blogy!)Sebenarya nak buat entry for thursday but i miss the tick tock.Ada junior datang tanya-tanya something pasal Artifical intelligence.As an adorable senior, i am ready to share my info to her.HAKHAK.(Ello this is no for show off ok.)

Ends up the dilemma:

Im quite happy today! because i already make up my mind about my "dilemma".(prev entry) Finally i had my decision.fuhh!! lega already.Thanks a lot to lecturers for your opinion and guidance.Even though some of them deliver them in "horror" ways.I am still standing there to listen thier every single words eventhough my ears are bleeding extremly during thier delivery.(err..plz stop imagine) Serius memang horror, anxious dan meroyan nak buat decision making yang satu nih.Im really exhausted for thinking of it on this hectic week.Why? because its relate to my future undertakings.Alhamdulillah, at last i know what i want, my capabilities, my posibilities and so forth then i compress it and convert into 1 decision.I will not regret this for my future.Supplying with friends and family encouragement and doa, i will prove that i am gonna make it! yes i can do it!! (say together 44 times my deary readers if you love me.Hehe.ops but no any coins will bankin to you.dem?) yep plz supply me a thousand of support and doa oxygent to me.I believe you will get something good in return.

Ayat-ayat cinta family:

During take a nap i had received 1 sms from ayah, which sound;

"Salam kak long! thanks so much, i've got your suprise gift! Its nice and i like it so much! thanks again!"

Due to extremly sleepy i turn off my eyes back, (tak boleh handle betul ayat ni.HAHA) till the occasion turn out into my dream land.(Boleh lak tersambung dalam platform lain.Ok abaikan.) but overall its about me and my family having some birthday present business talk.(more to puji-puji my present.EKEKEKE.berlagak betol aku.isk-isk.) Then after SPM meeting i persuade mak with "shakesperely sms" to call me since i got miss called from her.(You may used this taktik when your are running out of credit.HAHA.craps). I talked to mak, ayah and adik.

Once again ayah express his thankful for the suprise.He claimed me "pandai nya akak pilih, ayah suke" and im blush away.HEW-HEW.See how adorable daughter am i? (plz don't slap my blog laju-laju, sebesar mana jela dosa sebuah blog.KAHKAH.padahal aku yang mencoretkan.) and adik sounds jelousy.(Ayah i miss you so much! plz don't be too workholic, take me to toys 'r' us and buy me a barbie doll! then let watch cinderella cartoon together, and i don't mind if you want to change into spiderman cartoon.i miss to spend the precious moments badly.) Ok better stop aisya, "teardrops on the keyboard" already occur.

I keep remind adik about prepare something for ayah at least card since he is really sengkek rite now, due to not getting any damn paid from the 7E after 2 months and a half worked there.(wth! Such a turn off company.Poor to adik, grateful to hear, he had resigned from the rubbish company.) Esok balik aku bakar ko 7E.Jaga-jaga.HAHA.(gelak evil politely).Now he is officially become a fully time bibik at home while waitting for any offer of continuing diploma program and once again i use "shakesperely persuade" him to painting my room with yellow in color.KAHKAH.I miss your tease and pull of your ears! ( I do this to show my love to you.HAHA.what a unique sis you had! i wish you will get the offer soon.pray-pray-pray)

Emak seems not feel very happy, since i said i cannot join the family day in Ipoh this 7,8,9 of March.Im so sorry mak, i really have another significant commitment during that time.I wish i could go unfortunately huk-huk-huk... Please enjoy the moment eventhough im not there, i know you are quite stressful lately.I hope the vacation can create at least a molecule of miracle towards the things that 'haunting' you.InsyaAllah.Lets attempt to improve it together, the rest we pray and tawakal to Allah.Be tough mak, yes u can.(I miss your cekodok pisang and suap me makan)
Till then,
A homesick student.
reported from hectic world *sigh

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