Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Between two choices

My dear readers,

When it come to you two opportunity what is your choice?

Example scenario

1. Laptop hp (Windows)

2. Laptop apple (Mac)

I’ll let you think for a second,

Process of decision making is loading.



Ok times up! What is your choice? Ok hold it.

Typically people will choice either one rite?

Let read this sentences

“Wise people will choose both of it”

Have you think about it? I’m sure you have your own reason for the choice that you make. Maybe several factor of consideration has influence you to decide. But just let rethink about the sentence with 5 wives and 1 husband formula.What about utilization? I got this openness info from my haunted lecturer in class. (Being haunted since diploma) Thanks for make me curios and anxious.

Mengepos blog secara pukal.


Tak perlu tahu sebab sesuka hati saya

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