Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dearest izan

Happy 23rd birthday!
to my bestgal Siti Nurhanizan binti Aani

Hope all the year through mean the most to you
thanks for being so nice to me
im even not able to describe it by words
hanya Allah dapat membalasnya InsyaAllah

hope all the joys and tears we share along the time bring more robustness to our friendship
I love you so much
Izan tunggu sya balik nanti kita tiup lilin sama-sama.Can't wait to see you!


  1. sya!!!thank u soooooooooooooooo much!terharu gler.nevamind,blk kl ti kter jumpa neh!miss u a lot!seriously we need to meet up!=)


  2. ofcozzzzzzzzzzzzzzz darling.Anyway sya tak pandai buat kek like u did for my 22nd birthday tu.Surprise sangat!! cepat la lajukan weekdays,lambatkan weekend.HAHAHA.

    lots of love n ice cream


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