Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What I am to you


I got my tears drop and I hate it!..
I feel like I want to scream out loud until the mirror of you is broken into pieces!..
I hate myself of being naïve yet so egoist to you!..
I still thinking of you when I decide to not!..
I don’t care what it takes but I want you to know before I might have no chance in future!..
I hate for still repeating what I had done long time ago, how on earth I can forgot about it? And now suffering the same thing. So demn!..
I still want to say you are nice, but you hurt me. Nice people that hurt people?..
I hate to accept your unknown reason to make me feel this way, are you intend to do it on purpose or it just a simply bloody accident?..
I hate when you give hope and you ignore it!..
I hate when I remember and keep waiting for your own promises, but you never make it happen!..
I hate when I thought you will never showed up but you showed up!..
I hate when you thought you not deserved for me!..
I hate when you give sweet talk without thinking the big impact on me!..
I hate when I already felt strong enough to say it but then you crash the opportunity!..
I hate to accept that you will never understand why I hurt so much about you! Because you are not the one who is crying, you’re not the one who loved too much, and you're not the one who being ignored..
I hate when you being concern for a second and forgetting it in a second too!
I hate when I ask your friend, they said you are nice!..
I hate when I have to postpone my sorrow of you to let it go!..
I hate being burden this feeling; I want to get over it as soon as possible. Please, help me, give me some mercy to say something, and then I will walk away forever...
I hate when I can’t read, predict and chase you away!..
I hate for hold myself giving consideration to you but inconsideration to myself!..

born sincerely from the bottom of my broken heart,

i will cut down this rules and promise to myself it won't happen again in future!

1 comment:

  1. dear.
    i taktau apa sebenarnya yang jadi kat u.
    its a long time ago since our last conversation.
    be strong dear. let it go. and move on.
    kerana itulah yang sedang aku buat sekarang ni.
    and im feeling better day by day.
    luv u dear.


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