Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My boss and I?

Even though my boss was not here

I mean physically in office

But still, i felt like he is watching over me or skodeng-ing me from somewhere
sama je if dia ada and if dia tak ada feel like dia ada.!@#$%^&*AGAGAGA.

keep asking the progress and giving the task through our "virtual office" skype/email/sms

now you tell me how to "mengular"?

Crap, i don't have the answer

lepas solat pun, cepat-cepat kembali ke pangkuan office, wondering if he had message me..

same goes with hand phone
Oh this is very new to me, because i am the one who always campak-campak the phone,like sometimes i don't know where in the world its hiding until its SOUND me.EKEKE.Oh I remembered that i used to give my phone to my friend for using my free sms with her BF several time.!@#$%^&*()

Because i don't know how to bedal the benefit i got.KESIAN GILE ! T_______________T

Now? Have to ensure it has credit and battery,letak depan mata.stranger pun dah start calling regarding the task, other stranger? VERY LUCKY if i pick up AFTER 12 midnight.HAHA.

Gosh macam bercinta!
Tapi bercinta-kah cik HEELISM?

er..ok thats it, HE PM me already.TATA.

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