Sunday, February 7, 2010

I am phew

You've been living for 23 years, 7 months, and 24 days.
You were born on a Saturday.
Your date of conception was probably 21st September 1985.
You've seen 6 leap years.
Your Zodiac Sign is Gemini.
Your Chinese Zodiac Sign is Tiger.
Your Ruling Planet is Mercury.
Your Birthstone is Pearl.
Your Birth Flower is Rose.
Your Birth Tree is Fig Tree.
Your Birth Number is 8.

Time till your next Birthday 126 days 10 hours 29 mins.
Birthday Countdown
Your Lucky Color is Yellow or White.
Your Lucky Day is Wednesday.
Your Lucky Number is Five.
Since your birth, as an average human being, you have approximately
Drunk 3455.6 gallons or 12958.5 litres of water.
Eaten 35419.9 pounds or 16066.18 kg of food.
Slept 2699.69 days or 7.4 years
in your life.

Since your birth 8639 days ago,
Your heart has beat more than 895691520 times.
Your heart has pumped more than 65397230 litres or 17278000 gallons of blood.
Your kidneys have filtered more than 1468630 litres or 388755 gallons of blood.
You have breathed more than 186602400 times.
You have inhaled more than 89923351 litres or 95029000 quarts of air.
Your breathing has generated more than 7775.1 kg or 17140.87 pounds of Carbon dioxide.
You have blinked more than 116108160 times.
Your mouth has produced more than 8207.05 litres or 2159.75 gallons of saliva.
Your body has shed more than 16068.54 grams or 35.42 pounds of skin.
You have lost more than 863900 strands of hair.
If you hadn't taken single haircut, your hair would be more than 142.85 inches long today.
If you hadn't cut your fingernails a single time, they would be more than 28.5087 inches long today.
If you hadn't cut your toenails a single time, they would be more than 16.4141 inches long today.

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