Sunday, June 7, 2009

12 drolling Things that Aisya&Heelism wanted to do!

1. Watching desperate houswives, desperately.
Ee I wonder what happening to Gabrielle that always look gorgeous tu struggle with thier 2 daughters, susan the single mother that always have space to love a man, Bree the only women that i never saw any messy with the appearance but always had probs in managing a family, Lynette erm tough women who able to manage her family disaster even though she caught by cancer, Edie the women who love flirting over guys but never start a happy family living, isk but whatever it is they are always look hot in perspective of mommy and women, which is really inspire.

2. Kay HELL, credit to tito
As its been almost 8 months, i have not seen any rupa of KL, so i really wanted to go there. Hoping that i won't be soooo jakun and lompat-lompat whenever i reached there and seen any kind of development.Ceh melampau betul ah aisya ni, kalau paris or ausie boleh ah nak buat muka jakun 3 hari 3 malam, setakat KL buang masa ah.HAHAHA.Fyi i have never and ever been to the KL tower since it was born.Too bad for people who origin from there kan? Ya akulah orang asli yang duduk dalam batu lesung .EKEKEKE

3. Ice skating pewwit
Tsk tsk tsk i am waitting over ages to go this place at sunway piramid.Dah lama listing but none of mankind want to company me.Even though i never ice skating before, but i hope a lilttle skill of inline skating would help me,at least able to standing still pun ok i will be proud for a second.Bila la agaknya kang kempunan masuk batu belah batu betangkup kang.Habis jadi rock skating pulak.MUAHAHA

4. Cycling romanticism
Let me counting how many decades i never ride on bicycles.OMG it since 1001 BC.can you believe that??? Gile ah, but i bet i can still make the bicyle move around.I am dream of riding with someone and having an ice cream at the back.It kind of challenging the pilot to bring the heaviest princess which yang tak sedar diri tu sedap je enjoy kat belakang.HAHA.EE rindunya nak cycling at any park and having a picnic too.Comelnyeeeeee bawa bakul picnic.

5. Happening birthday party like turning 2 years old
If i'm not mistaken the last day i wore the party hat was at the age of 2 maybe.Yep i really want to celebrate my birthday complete with the mask, party cone hat, the fake trompet yang tiup-tiup tu, the pops-up messy ribbon and balloons?? HAHA is it too much? Well i don't know why i really want to recall the kiddo moments, i miss it very much.I hope its not going too late for having this kinds or party.At least before im turning 30 years old, which i will be so embrace with my baby that will say something like this.Ihh ibu ni macam budak-budak la!ngee~ Oh ya and ice cream cake too. =p

6. Own disaster decoration of a vase of flowers
suddenly i have falling in love with flowers which is mean for 'semak' and nothing before this.Eee kenapakah sudah ada agent like aunty-aunty planting in myself huh??.But the most i wanted to do is decorating the flower of my own yang cute macam a vase like memory lane tu.Owh its really catching my eyes.*wink *wink

7. Courage to walk over jambatan gantung like cry me a river
When it come to across jambatan gantung especially, my heart will start retak sikit demi sikit dan menanti pecah berderai.Most of the time i will elak hardly to step there.Aaaaaa please don't shake the jambatan or i will die soon without knowing who is my prince charming to be Or if nobody didn't alert my warning tiba-tiba i will become more fierce than any tiger.I tell you AAAAAAUUUMMM .HAHAHA. i will eat you alive at the jambatan tu jugak!!.But anyway i really want to walk away over it, just don't know when maybe till i find the courage to do it even muka buruk sepanjang jalan.HAHA.Tumpang lalu jambatan.

8. Driving too fast too furious at my hometown
Ceh point tak boleh blah kan? Seriously its near to 1 year of my driving license but i just got less than 5 times driving at my hometown including Kay hell.what !@#$%^.I even don't know how to reach 1 shopping complex with my own.Eeee I will turn 23 this year la!! how can i bawa kawan jalan-jalan if i don't know the way.? tsk tsk tsk.*menangis 10 tempayan I have to learn more and more until sesat pun i able to return home safely. I must be a brave and berdikari women to facing any difficulties in future. Who knows rite?

9. Indulge myself with book like flying without wings
I even don't remember when was the last time i bought a book for myself.(Except text book for university).Dah lama gile tak jadi addict sampai mak bising-bising to stop reading and give her hand at kitchen.HEHE.I miss the moment of reading a novel without any distraction and stand by a box of tissue next to me.Oh kalau kat rumah sure i will selak magazine before nak lelap, kadang-kadang fall asleep sampai pukul 4 pagi pun lampu tak tutup.Isk isk patut ah aku ni penyumbang kadar kenaikan bil eletrik.I miss you buuuuuuuuk any book.Eee Annoying tau eja book camtu.!@#$%^&*.weks.

10. A decades present for a guy
I really really really and really rarely buy a present for a guy i mean someone who don't have any family realtionship with me.Sometime not even for 4 years.Siapa nak hadiah?? KAH KAH KAH.Jangan harap ah, aisya ni memang kedekut.MUAHAHA.I don't simply buy a present without a reason especially for a guy.Only when i think he deserve for some tough reason and impression that he make over me.It means i don't know much about guy things really but wait till i have crush with someone then i will prepare a lots of surprises.*Evil grining.HAHAHAHA.Eceh.

11. Jubah and clucth haunting heelpppzz
I really wanted to wear jubah and clutch, hoping this year will become true.It was so hard to find a perfect jubah for me since im not having average cm tall,( Hey im not ketot okey!) Sebab if i found one pun i must cut off the lenght, uwaaa tentu la i cannot find something that have pattern at the bottom side even though with heels or else I will turn over into DBKL penyapu bergerak yang cun.MUAHAHHA, Eeee nyampah ah bila aisya dah perasaan walaupun jadi penyapu. Clutch? I never have one collection even for casual and formal occasions.It's becoming a fashion trend for quite some time now as i see it through magazine and blogs.Eeeeeeee cantiknya. *Drolling eyes and air liur 50 ml.HAHA.

12. Girlssss hangout and dating feewit2
EEeee dah lama tak buat kerja ni.MUAHAHAHA.Yep since i really busy with my class and so forth, i even don't spare time hangout with girlfriend which will be so chaos and fun.Talking about which beauty product is the most miserable in market, new recipes that have been try, MAC cosmetic that always dream by the most girl, hangat-hangat tahi ayam diet activities, guys topic, wedding dreamss, where to get cheap and sophisticated clutch, 5 years planning, perangai mak mentua, future babies name, romantic approach by the guy, why eva longoria is so hot, which male lecturer look gorgeous, how to lesson a guy, and suitable lipstick color on your lips and banyak lagi sebenarnya.AGAGAGAGA.
13. Request
Eh kan dah cakap 12 things je, i just wanna wrote boringla hari ni.So boleh bersurai.Tumpang lalu.So guys if you have a topic that want me to kepochi over here, then you may suggest.I will consider for you.Any of topic!! Love? fashion? Recipe? Liverpool? Fix car tyre? Oh yang ni nehi-nehi.MUAHAH.


  1. topic bout little black dress ok tak?kupas kupas

  2. kak sya,your number ONE item on your to-do list is sooo effing JUSTIFIED.ehehe lulu ade DH season's a quick update.Gabby now has 2 chubby chub daughters age around 9,n the younger one around 5 or 6.Bree is a bussiness woman,susan is back on being single,Lynette cant deal with her rebellious teenage sons (remember the naughty triplets?) and there's a surprise on what happens to Eddie Brit in the end! Im not gonna tell u,hope u get a kick outta watchin in yourself later!


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